A Tale Of Hamburgers & Hot Dogs
















Once there was a guy named Dave who used to work at a factory. There was no cafeteria at the factory, and nowhere nearby to get food, so all the factory workers would bring a bag lunch every day. But Dave didn't really enjoy eating a bag lunch every day. As a lover of hamburgers, Dave wished there was a hamburger stand just outside the factory.


He began to daydream about opening his own gourmet hamburger stand. He did all the legwork, started a business, planning and perfecting his recipes and his menu, and he bought a little trailer from which to serve his customers. He used the highest quality ingredients and the best grill and spatulas, and vowed to keep his prices as low as he could. This endeavor cost Dave quite a bit of hard work and time and money but he knew it would be worth the effort. Dave got permission from the factory owner to set up his hamburger stand outside the factory, and began selling his tasty hamburgers to the lunch crowd at the factory each day. All the hungry workers were overjoyed. They stopped bringing bag lunches, and started going to Dave's hamburger stand. The line wrapped around the building, but the workers were happy to get such tasty burgers at a fair price.


One day, someone parked his car near Dave's hamburger stand, set up an old grill, and began giving away hot dogs. Those hot dogs were filled with nitrates, they weren't very tasty, and some were cold and others were too charred. But they were free, and he enjoyed how everybody seemed to like his free hot dogs.


In a day or two, the line at Dave's hamburger stand had dwindled to just a couple loyal customers. But the line at the hot dog stand wrapped around the building. Unable to afford giving away his tasty burgers for free, and unable to sustain his business with just a couple customers, Dave had to close his hamburger stand.


Not long after this, the hot dog guy realized that serving the factory lunch crowd was not really as much fun as he thought, even though everyone seemed to like the free hot dogs. He also realized he couldn't afford to keep giving away hot dogs for free, so he started charging money for those same old hot dogs. The line at the hot dog stand disappeared. People went back to eating bag lunches. Everyone really missed those tasty burgers.


The End.



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