We are proud to have partnered with Success In Style for our

Rock The Dress Project.

Not sure what to do with your old prom dress? 

Donate it and we'll give you a free 30 minute photoshoot and three web-ready pictures for free!

Do something awesome for someone less fortunate, and get awesome photos for yourself.

How It Works

Young ladies interested in doing these photoshoots will receive a free 30 minute session and 3 free web-ready images from their session. In exchange they must leave the dress with us after the photoshoot. The dresses will then be sent to Charity’s Closet for sale to girls who are less fortunate.


On top of getting awesome photos, participants will also get forms that will allow your parents to claim a charitable donation on their income taxes, for the value of your prom dress. Current high school students can also receive hours toward their community service requirements for doing these photoshoots.

These sessions will take place in various fun and exciting locations, including Southlawn Studios in Rockville, MD.

About Charity’s Closet: Charity’s Closet is part of a larger organization called Success In Style. Success In Style provides destitute women with interview clothes and new outfits for their new jobs. They are helping people pull themselves up out of bad situations. They fund their good work through donations and their other charities like Charity’s Closet, where they sell donated gowns and prom dresses to those less fortunate for $5 each. Yep, 5 bucks! So by doing a session you will get some awesome pictures, and by donating your dress you will be helping many, many other people.

If you are interested in booking your RTD Session, please e mail me, or message me through the Redline Photography or Redline Seniors facebook pages, and I will send you all the information and terms and conditions.

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