Barnshoot season is almost here...

...and it's time to start scheduling them!

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Those of you who have never done a Barnshoot are truly missing out.You’re probably wondering what’s a Barnshoot, and why am I missing out?

Think of a Barnshoot as “portrait day at the farm”. My team and I come to your farm with our trailer loaded with flowers and other props (and horse treats, of course), set up a couple shooting locations and do thirty minute portrait sessions with you and your horse(s). Yes horses…. Our current record is photographing one lady with her seven horses!

What if you don’t have a horse? Most lesson barns will allow their students to use their favorite pony for their session. We have also photographed many customers with their dogs, or even families and no animals.

Now, why should you book a spring Barnshoot? Because right now your horse is getting their new spring coat. The colors are much richer and the warmer weather makes them happy, just like it does us. Especially after THIS winter. :P We will also be offering spring discounts that we do not offer other times of the year.

One last thing I should tell you is this: If you are the person who helps schedule and coordinate a Redline Barnshoot at your barn, you will get a free session and a free disc of all of your images! Yep, totally free and your barn friends will love you for setting the Barnshoot up!

If you’d like to set up a Barnshoot at your barn please send me a message via the contact page of this website and I’ll give you all the information and we’ll get things moving.

Coming Soon: How to prepare for and get the most from your Barnshoot

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