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I built the Redline reputation mostly as the Official Photographer at local horse shows and equestrian events. So there was quite a bit of curiosity when I recently posted on social media that Redline was no longer going to be shooting many of the horse shows that we have for years. There were even more questions when I announced at a recent horse show that we were no longer doing horse shows as the Official Photographers.

So I figure I owe my customers an explanation.

Being the Official Photographer carries with it the responsibility of trying to photograph every exhibitor, or at least as many as possible. Often many riders have friends or family members who take photos for them. So it turns out that only a small percentage of exhibitors are even interested in being photographed by the OP. Rather than trying to shoot everyone, I have decided to concentrate our efforts on those riders who actually want us to photograph them. This will allow me to give them the extra attention, as customers, they deserve.

Moving forward, at the horse shows we will continue to cover, we will only shoot the riders that have signed up to be photographed. This will be a premium service, and will be limited to 15-20 riders per day.

This new service will include the following:

  • Photos of you and your horse in the ring during the classes you have signed up for.

  • Candid photos of you outside the ring, back at your trailer, in the stabling area, etc. Our goal is to capture your day and the experience you had.

  • Onsite proofing, with personalized galleries in our events trailer.

  • New exclusive products like bonded leather folios, and wedding quality photo albums.

  • Maintaining a database of your photos for the entire season, so you may use them to create year end albums and folios.

  • And even more on the horizon.

If you have questions or comments please feel free to e mail me via the contact page on this website or on the Redline Photography facebook page, or follow us on Twitter @RedlinePhotog.

More to come soon…..

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