Getting the Most From Your Barnshoot

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Now that we’re all the way into Barnshoot Season, it might be a good idea for me to give some tips on getting the most from your session.

  • Arrive early enough to have your horse properly groomed. You probably won’t want to remember mud spots on your pretty gray pony for the rest of your life.

  • Please don’t let your horse graze in clover before your session. Profuse green slobber is not very photogenic, especially if you’re wearing a white top!

  • If you regularly wear makeup, please do for your shoot too. A little base or foundation to cover blemishes and especially eye make up can go a very long way to enhancing your photos. Lip gloss is fine too.

  • Nail polish. If you wear nail polish please have a fresh coat of polish on your nails, or none at all. Chipped up nail polish can really detract from your pictures.

  • If you know you are prone to frizzies or fly away hair, we strongly recommend using something called CHI Silk Infusion. It’s a huge help and can be found many places, including the hair care sections of many grocery and drug stores.

  • Outfits. We suggest you pick outfits that are not too trendy. Everyone thought big hair and parachute pants looked cool in the 80’s. Nobody wants to see that now! Also, if you have items that will wrinkle easily please iron them and bring them on hangers. Wrinkled clothes can be avoided, so there is no reason to have to try to fix it in photoshop.

  • Undergarments. Be sure to wear the right bra with the top(s) you‘ve chosen. Straps showing won’t help you look your best.

Remember to be true to your style and HAVE FUN during your shoot. Those two things will help ensure you have a great shoot and get awesome pictures. Please feel free to e mail me if you have questions about preparing for your Barnshoot.

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