About Those Horse Shows March 2015 Edition

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First I would like to thank all of our awesome friends, customers and show managers that helped make last year a success!

In 2014 redline took a new approach to photographing horse shows by only photographing those who signed up to be photographed and paid a small $5 deposit, which was applied to their purchases. I'm happy to report this new process worked out beautifully! It allowed us to concentrate our efforts on capturing awesome images of those who really wanted to be photographed. It also allowed us to spend more time with them and capture more candid and behind the scenes images, and those who signed up LOVED IT! We even had customers tell us: “It's worth $5 just to be able to see the photos here at the show”.

The good news is: This was truly a win-win change in our strategy, and I'm very grateful to those who supported redline through these changes.

Now we're planning on improving on the system for 2015!

Far too many times I had riders, or their parents say: I wish we'd known we had to sign up for pictures. So in the next couple weeks we will be deploying a new online sign up system. This means riders will be able to pay their deposit, and sign up for photos days or weeks in advance of the shows, and have one less thing to deal with on show day. Many of the show managers have been kind enough to agree to post links to our online sign up page, to make things even easier for you!

If this new online sign up system works, I will be expanding it so riders, or their parents, will be able to sign up during the shows using their smart phones. So no more running to our events trailer, or trying to find one of us so you can sign up. More win-wins!

As the new season begins, I'm really looking forward to seeing our old friends, making new ones, and improving our service to our customers. I would love to hear your thoughts on this new system, or how you think we can improve it. Shoot me a message via the contact page or inbox me on facebook.

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