Why You Should Sign Up for Redline Horse Show Photos

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For about the cost of a burger, that is gone in ten minutes, you can have the opportunity to get a photograph that will last a lifetime. You just never know. Late last season we had a mom come to the trailer to see about signing up for photos. She was undecided and ended up not signing her daughter up. Her daughter won division champion. Mom later told me she wished she had signed her daughter up for photos after all. You just never know Part II. While horses are big strong animals, the also are very fragile. They get old, they colic, and they sometimes break. In our thirteen years of photographing shows, I have gotten many frantic messages from someone who has lost a horse and wants me to see what photos I have of them. It’s far better to have mementos of your beloved horse, or even the schoolie that taught you to be the rider you are today, than it is to WISH you had them. Case in point: I took the above photo of the pony "My Teddy Bear" 11 years ago, in 2004. Teddy is loved by many children, and even young adults who grew up riding him, and he is still teaching kids how to ride today.

So be sure to sign up for pictures on this website before the show, or come see us to sign up at the shows.

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