Senior Portraits: Why You should Let Redline Photography Tell YOUR Story

I see many lovely senior portraits on the web and social media. But I frequently find myself asking: What's it about?

I see beautiful girls sitting in sun drenched fields, or by a creek in the woods, or leaning against a graffitied up urban wall, and while they are nice pictures they tell the viewer nothing about that person, what they're into, or what they aspire to be.

Senior year is an important time in someone's life. It is a crossroads, a time for change and decisions. After you graduate will you continue your education? Chase your dreams? Try to change the world?

When redline does your senior portraits we take some time to learn about you, your interests, dreams and aspirations, and every session we do helps tell the story of who you are and where you're going.

While we have photographed many equestrians, redline has also photographed seniors with other interests. Dancers, musicians, and more. In each case I strive to tell that senior's singular story.

This is why you should trust redline photography to take your senior pictures.

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